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ESSI-Lab efforts of the the past three years have been put to merge and upgrade GI-suite tecnhology into the GEO Discovery and Access Broker GEO-DAB.

A new site documenting the updated GI-suite is being prepared and it will be soon released.

Useful links:

Warning Attention, this site has been discontinued! Warning

GI-cat Homepage


GI-cat.gif GI-cat is an implementation of a broker catalog service made by ESSI-Lab:

  • It allows clients to discover and evaluate geoinformation resources over a federation of data sources
  • It publishes different catalog interfaces, allowing different clients to use the service
A data provider can deploy his/her own GI-cat instance, grouping together disparate data sources, to accommodate his/her users' needs.

More information is available: See Documentation

Download and install GI-cat now: Download GI-cat

Success stories

GI-cat has been successfully deployed and experimented in the framework of different projects and initiatives, including:

Project/Initiative Description
EU-BON Homepage EU BON - Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network. EU BON proposes an innovative approach in terms of integration of biodiversity information system from on-ground to remote sensing data, for addressing policy and information needs in a timely and customized way. GI-cat is used as the EU-BON metadata registry.
CEOS Water Portal CEOS Water Portal led by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is a project of the Applications Subgroup of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Information Systems and Services (WGISS). The purpose of the CEOS Water Portal Project is to provide assistance to the water relevant scientists and general users (or non-researchers) in the development of data services associated with data integration and distribution.
GMOS The Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS) is aimed to establish a worldwide observation system for the measurement of atmospheric mercury in ambient air and  precipitation samples. GMOS will include ground-based monitoring stations, shipboard measurements over the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and European Seas, as well as aircraft-based measurements in the UTLS.
 Trees 4 future Trees4Future is an Integrative European Research Infrastructure project that aims to integrate, develop and improve major forest genetics and forestry research infrastructures. It will provide the wider European forestry research community with easy and comprehensive access to currently scattered sources of information (including genetic databanks, forest modelling tools and wood technology labs) and expertise.
 Pangaea  The information system PANGAEA is operated as an Open Access library aimed at archiving, publishing and distributing georeferenced data from earth system research. The system guarantees long-term availability of its content through a commitment of the operating institutions.
 NSIDC Acadis  The Advanced Cooperative Arctic Data & Information Service (ACADIS) manages data and is the gateway for all relevant Arctic physical, life, and social science data for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Polar Programs (PLR) Arctic Research Program (ARC) research community.
SeaDataNet FP6 project and SeaDataNet2 FP7 project SeaDataNet objective is to construct a standardized system for managing the large and diverse data sets collected by the oceanographic fleets and the new automatic observation systems. The aim is to network and enhance the currently existing infrastructures, which are the national oceanographic data centres and satellite data centres of European riparian countries, active in data collection. The networking of these professional data centres, in a unique virtual data management system will provide integrated data sets of standardized quality on-line. SeaDataNet CSW interface
GEOSS (GEO-DAB) The Group on Earth Observations, GEO, was established by a series of three ministerial-level summits. It currently includes 68 member countries, the European Commission, and 46 participating organizations. The vision of GEO is to create a Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) to help realize a future wherein decisions and actions for the benefit of humankind are informed via coordinated, comprehensive and sustained Earth observations and information.
The Global Earth Observation System of Systems will provide decision-support tools to a wide variety of users. As with the Internet, GEOSS will be a global and flexible network of content providers allowing decision makers to access an extraordinary range of information at their desk. The IP3 was conceived as a way to exercise the process that has been defined for reaching interoperability arrangements. The 2nd Phase of the AIP will augment the GEOSS Initial Operating Capability previously established.
GENESI-DR GENESI-DR, (Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Repositories), has the challenge of establishing open Earth Science Digital Repository access for European and world-wide science users. GENESI-DR shall operate, validate and optimise the integrated access and use available digital data repositories to demonstrate how Europe can best respond to the emerging global needs relating to the state of the Earth, a demand that is unsatisfied so far.
GIIDA GIIDA is a CNR initiative (inter-departmental project) aiming to the design and development a multidisciplinary infrastructure for the management, processing and evaluation of Earth and environmental data.
GIIDA aim is to implement the Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII) of CNR for Environmental and Earth Observation data. GIIDA central catalog
EuroGEOSS EuroGEOSS demonstrates the added value to the scientific community and society of making existing geographic systems and applications interoperable and used within the GEOSS and INSPIRE frameworks. The project will build an initial operating capacity for a European Environment Earth Observation System in the three strategic areas of Drought, Forestry and biodiversity.
The concept of inter-disciplinary interoperability requires research in advanced modelling from multi-scale heterogeneous data sources, expressing models as workflows of geo- processing components reusable by other communities, and ability to use natural language to interface with the models. EuroGEOSS portal
ESA HMA-T The main objective of this ESA project is to involve the stakeholders, namely national space agencies, satellite or mission owners and operators, in a harmonization and standardization process of their ground segment services and related interfaces. HMA is the first project launched and overviewed by the GSCB.
AfroMaison AFROMAISON aims to propose concrete strategies for integrated natural resources management in Africa in order to adapt to the consequences of climate change. AFROMAISON is funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. It has a budget of 4 million euro and a runtime of 3 years (March 2011-2014). AfroMaison portal

The Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, ISPRA (Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale), has been established by Decree no. 112 of 25 June 2008, converted into Law no. 133 (with amendments) on 21 August 2008.

ISPRA performs, with the inherent financial resources, equipment and personnel, the duties of:
- ex-APAT, Italian Environment Protection and Technical Services Agency (article 38 of Legislative Decree no. 300, July 30, 1999, and subsequently amended);
- ex-INFS, National Institute for Wildlife (Law no. 157 of February 11, 1992, and subsequently amended);
- ex-ICRAM, Central Institute for Scientific and Technological Research applied to the Sea (Decree no. 496, article 1-bis, December 4, 1993, converted into Law no. 61, Article 1, January 21, 1994, with amendments).

The Institute acts under the vigilance and policy guidance of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and the Protection of Land and Sea (Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare).


GI-cat v. 12 has received OGC certification for implementation of its CSW v. 2.0.2. interface

If you want to have your story listed here, please send us a short description and optionally a logo. Thanks for trying GI-cat!

Deployed GI-cat instances

Different GI-cat instances are deployed at different sites:

Name Homepage Description
ESSI-Lab test instance http://ec2-174-129-9-172.compute-1.amazonaws.com/gi-cat/ The ESSI-Lab GI-cat test instance is deployed to Amazon web cloud and is available for testing
EuroGEOSS broker portal http://www.eurogeoss-broker.eu/ The EuroGEOSS broker component based on GI-cat is used in the context of the European Union project EuroGEOSS
ISPRA catalog The ISPRA metadata catalog
GIIDA central catalog http://giida.cnr.it/gi-cat/ GI-cat plays the role of central catalog into the CNR project GIIDA
AfroMaison portal http://afromaison.grid.unep.ch:8080/gi-cat/gi-portal/index.jsp AfroMaison portal

You can access them by means of our GI-go GeoBrowser client (see GI-go homepage for download instructions)

Mailing lists

If you are interested in receiving information about GI-cat updates, subscribe to the GI-news mailing list at: gi-news@lists.essi-lab.eu.

To subscribe go to: http://lists.essi-lab.eu/mailman/listinfo/gi-news

Old messages can be found here: http://lists.essi-lab.eu/pipermail/gi-news/

If you are interested in current development or possible extensions to GI-cat, discussions are held at: gi-devel@lists.essi-lab.eu.

To subscribe go to: http://lists.essi-lab.eu/mailman/listinfo/gi-devel

Old messages can be found here: http://lists.essi-lab.eu/pipermail/gi-devel/

Bug reports

A new GI-cat bug reporting system is available at: https://essi-lab.eu/trac/gi-cat

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